About us

The Reason We Hack

Every journey begins with a single step. Ours began when we saw the industry for how it is: with too many websites are built without sales and conversion in mind, too much content without unique value is put out, and too many brands are lost in the digital noise.

This is where our team of content hackers come in.

Our founder, Slye Joy Serrano, together with the team of Content Hacker & Co, work together to find the perfect mix of design and data to help businesses grow through digital marketing. Founded in 2016, Content Hacker & Co has grown from a one-man team to a distributed and collaborative network of passionate creatives and marketers.

Our Vision

Changing the digital marketing game one brand at a time.

We think it’s about time brands stop feeling like they’re losing out. Content Hacker & Co aims to change the game by empowering brands through remarkable design, content, and strategy.

Creative. Digital. Performance.

Built to create remarkable brands, here in Content Hacker & Co we focus our creative juices on making all of our hard work translate into actual sales and conversions for the brands we work with. We are creative because we think out of the box, we think digital because that’s where our sandbox is, and we deliver performance because you deserve actual business results.

Challenge us to grow your brand and your sales!


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