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Leonora’s Online Retailing is an Australian small business owned by Leonora A. Morgan. Leonora used to sell her products on eBay but wanted to take her business to the next level. She wanted her own online store with all the capabilities expected of a fully-functional e-commerce website.
“Five Stars to Slye and his team at Content Hacker who built my beautiful cosmetics website for a very affordable price. With an online website of my own, I am able to sell almost all over the globe. If you want to grow your brand, go to Content Hacker!”

Leonora Morgan

Owner, Leonora’s Online Retailing (Australia)



Leonora Morgan wanted to have an online website of her own and start selling her products worldwide. She wanted a simple e-commerce website that is both beautiful and functional.


Content Hacker proposed a simple design and fully functional e-commerce website for Leonora. The website has inventory management capability, payment gateways, and shipping rate calculator.


Today, Leonora’s product offering is more diverse. She is also able to sell worldwide. With a website and the power of social media, she now as a 10,000-strong fan base and lots of monthly sales.

Leonora’s Website

Leonora’s e-commerce website is simple and functional. It has a shop, carting system, payment gateways, shipping calculator, inventory management capability, and a blog.

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