Career Medical Recruitment


Website Design and Development

Career Medical Recruitment is a talent search business that specialises in the recruitment of medical professionals and healthcare staff throughout Australia.


Career Medical Recruitment specializes in the recruitment of healthcare executives throughout Australia and New Zealand. The firm has maintained and operated the same website since 2012.

With advancing technology and the rise of social media and other mobile technologies, Career Medical Recruitment also need to redesign their website to align with the goals of the business and the target audience.

Performing a quick website health check reveals that the website’s mobile interface is poor and its web technologies are outdated, resulting in low technical scores. This results in bad user experience and limited digital marketing capabilities and potential. 


Aside from performance and SEO issues, the overarching messaging of the old website speaks to healthcare talents instead of organizations who need them. The talent is the primary audience. CMR wanted to reposition itself and target clients instead.


We recommended the development of a completely new website, built from the ground up, with a custom design to convey Career Medical Recruitment’s value and at the same time address the root, technical issues we see on their website.


The new CMR website is fully-equipped with the necessary features needed by any recruitment platform. It has a robust job portal and comes equipped with lots of marketing features. Plus, it’s SEO optimized and easy to use!


CMR Before+After

Here are a couple of snapshots of CMR’s previous and current website. 

Home – Before

Home – After

Job Board – Before

Job Board – After

About Us – Before

About Us – After


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