10 Holiday Video Ideas for Online Content Creators

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It cannot be denied that online video consumption has definitely dominated the Internet this 2018. This trend is not expected to go away anytime soon as smartphones are more likely to intensify this phenomenon over the next few years.

The rise of digital marketing, specifically video marketing for brands has been attributed to the more prevalent use of mobile devices by consumers. Brands now use video to connect and identify with their target audience by – creating communities, capturing the attention of potential consumers, and informing and explaining their products or services.

Video marketing as a tool to reach consumers

As the holiday season heats up, video is also becoming the holiday shopper’s favorite research tool. Think with Google noted that,  “Nearly two-thirds of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase. And more than 90% of these folks say that they’ve discovered new products and brands via YouTube.”

A report from Cisco, a world leader in Internet networking, also predicts that by 2019, 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content. As 4K video becomes the “new normal” for consumers, Cisco also noted that it would take an individual over 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks every single month in 2019.

With video taking a large share of the market in 2019, it’s no wonder why brands are also gearing up to take on the challenge by hyping up their video marketing efforts.

Brands are now starting to realize the significant impact of video marketing on their sales revenues. Dubbed as the “future of content marketing,” video is now hailed as an essential marketing strategy to increase brand engagement. Thus, brands that use video advertising will have the advantage to convert their leads to sales, especially on mobile devices.


10 holiday video ideas to inspire your brand’s online content creators

To kickstart your video marketing efforts, here are 10 holiday video ideas to inspire your brand’s online content creators:

Christmas Party Decorations DIY Video


The holidays are the perfect time to test out DIY skills! Whip up some easy-to-assemble Christmas decorations and teach your consumers how to make it themselves. Decoration ideas can be created with groups of friends and family over the holidays as everyone gets excited about their Christmas dinner celebrations.

Wayfair teamed up with Lucy Akins from the Craftberry Bush blog for her DIY Christmas tree decoration tips.

By enlisting the help of a famous DIY blogger, Wayfair successfully captured the attention of their consumers who also love to create DIY Christmas decorations. They even posted a house tour of Lucy Akins’ home filled with Christmas decorations as further inspiration for her fellow DIY crafters.

Listicle Gift Ideas

Christmas is a season of gift-giving. Shoppers are clamoring to find the best gifts for their loved ones. Making a video about a list of gift ideas to help your consumers shop for gifts is an excellent way to promote your products and drive sales to your holiday promotions.

Sephora created a series of videos for their holiday gift guide this year.

The video featured Sephora’s Beauty Directors Jeffrey and David as they showed a variety of holiday gifts from Sephora. They highlighted their favorite holiday picks from Sephora’s collection and made sure to feature items at every price point. Cosmetics lovers will surely enjoy watching Sephora’s holiday gift guide videos as Jeffrey and David give out makeup and styling tips, Christmas stocking stuffer ideas, and some clever beauty hacks.

Christmas “Life Hack” Video


Life hack videos are always a popular topic that a lot of people watch on the Internet. You can try to create a spin on the usual hack videos and add some holiday twist into it. Helping out your consumers with some neat hack videos during the busy Christmas season is an excellent opportunity to gain brand recall over the holidays.

DreamWorks TV on YouTube created a humorous spin on the usual hack videos with their Life Hacks for Kids channel.

Life Hacks for Kids is a YouTube channel that features kids posing as life hack experts. They made a holiday video called Ho Ho Hacks which featured Sunny, a child life hacker. The video showed how Sunny hilariously created festive holiday hacks like homemade snow, snowflake window decals, gift bags, and candy cane tripods.

Holiday Fun Fact Video

The holidays are filled with interesting facts and trivia. You can capitalize on that by creating a video of share-worthy fun facts that your target audience will find interesting. Try to research exciting tidbits about some pieces from your holiday collection. The video will not only promote your brand, but it also lets them see how knowledgeable you are about the products you sell.

The YouTube channel of NatGeo Kids went the educational route on Christmas Day by introducing Christmas Crabs on their Amazing Animals feature.

The video showed fascinating trivia about 50 million Christmas crabs that annually migrate to Christmas Island in Australia. Coupled with funny voice-overs, the Amazing Animals series feature different animals with the most unique and interesting facts that captivate the attention of young kids.

Holiday Prank Video


It’s always satisfying to watch a well-documented prank video. Celebrate the holidays on a more hilarious note by planning and executing an epic prank video for your company. Just make sure that it’s tastefully done out of harmless fun though. You can brainstorm with your team and come up with something that everyone would love to watch.

Famous for his Halloween candy prank videos, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel executed the most amusing prank video YouTube challenge for Christmas a few years ago.

The prank challenge was pretty straightforward. Parents will just have to give their kids a terrible present a few weeks before Christmas and upload a Youtube video with a caption, “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I gave my kid a terrible present.”

The video became such a huge hit online with more than 50 million views on Youtube. Viewers kept sending videos to their show over the holidays that they had to curate a second batch of the prank video challenge.

Holiday Travel Vlog

Going on vacation for the Christmas holidays is always an exciting treat for everyone. Think about the nature of your business and come up with ways of how products from your holiday collection can be useful for travel enthusiasts. You might also want to consider a partnership with several travel bloggers to feature one of your brand’s products on their holiday trips.

Vogue’s YouTube channel created a little behind-the-scenes clip and featured the packing rituals of some of their editorial staff.

The video featured a variety of pre-travel habits from several Vogue editors and writers. They described where they are going and the travel essentials that they are going to pack in their suitcase. The Vogue staff showed how they organize their luggage and how they pack specific items that they like to bring for their trip.

Company Holiday Greeting Video


The holidays are the perfect time to spread the love and send some good cheer to your consumers. Create a little holiday greeting video that will tug the heartstrings of your consumers this Christmas. Leaving a sincere and thoughtful message on your holiday video will show your gratitude and appreciation for your consumer’s continued patronage to your brand.  

Heathrow Airport brought back the cute Heathrow Bears for their holiday campaign this year.

Using iconic songs to fuel the holiday nostalgia, Heathrow Airport wants to remind everyone to make it home for the holidays with the help of the bears named Doris and Edward Bair. They even created a featured page on the Heathrow Airport website with un-bear-ably cute details about Doris, Edward, and the rest of the Bair family!

Christmas Recipe Video

Nothing speaks like the holidays than the iconic dishes and pastries on a family Christmas dinner. You can feature several easy homemade recipes for your brand’s video channel this Christmas season. This is a great way to inspire holiday meal ideas that your consumers may also want to try out.

Check out Tasty’s yummy Sugar Cookie recipe on their YouTube channel.

Since the holiday season is the time of year when everybody makes a lot of pastries, Tasty shared their own recipe to create sugar cookies. Decorating sugar cookies is a great holiday activity to spend with family and friends over the Christmas season.


Holiday Pet Video

Pet videos are one of the most share-worthy things that a lot of people devour on the Internet. People love sharing videos of their pets doing hilarious stuff on social media. Just like the famous Grumpy Cat or Doug the Pug, your brand can also feature video clips of entertaining animals doing crazy things over the holidays.

Take a look at this adorable Youtube video that Buzzfeed made in partnership with Friskies.

The video features a charming tuxedo cat that is asking a lot of questions about Christmas. It follows the cat as she sneaks around the house while inspecting a bunch Christmas decorations. She examines and lurks around the Christmas tree, the lights, the gifts, and all the shiny objects. And later on, she concluded that a cat definitely invented Christmas.

Year-End Recap Video

The holiday season gives your brand the perfect opportunity to recap your company highlights this 2018. You can share company milestones, awards, and major news from the entire year. This will help generate excitement for the upcoming year ahead as your brand says goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019 in open arms.

You might want to take a cue from Google’s iconic Year in Search this 2018.

Google’s annual Year in Search compiles a list of events and stories that captured the attention of the whole world over the past 12 months. Google mentioned that despite a tumultuous year filled with ups and downs, the entire world still searched for “good” more than ever. The video also reminded people to keep searching for good things and left a heartwarming message that says, “Good things are worth searching for.”

Are you ready to try out some of these holiday video ideas?

It’s essential that your brand remains as the top-of-mind choice for your target audience even after the holiday season. That’s why it is crucial to come up with holiday videos that contain the right amount of entertainment and brand recognition in equal measure. We recognize that producing the base creative for videos like this might be challenging. You may seek the help of content marketing agencies

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